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Sunday, 3-Jun-2007 00:20
Cuti-Cuti Oz Final part
p/s: foto collage jelah dulu mak malas nak upload beratus2 gambar

Day 4 started with gloomy weather. It rains and it kind of set us back. We are contemplating either to head to Gold Coast for Sea World or a 2 hrs drive to Sunshine Coast or the Australia Zoo. We ended up not to any of them. My sisters are just tired to do another theme parky thingie and a 2 hrs drive just not very exciting, ended up we cross the city and brisbane river to Lone Pine, the largest Koala Sanctuary in the World.

We definitely make a right choice. Since its very much cloudy and not very bright, strolling around the sanctuary was perfect. Its time to give something back to the nature. It has a fee to enter it but I could not remember it. But it has package for family, 2 Adults and 3 kids withitn 3-13 yrs old and a discount for students. Luckily all 3 of my mentel sisters bought along their students card so we get to save some dosh on the fee alone.

It was just nice for a half a day tour. You get to see all the sheeps, dogs, kangaroo and its joey, koala, crocodiles, snakes(yucks) and so many more. Never come accross my mind that my son is not afraid of animals. He kind of okay with touching the kangaroo even trying to get as close as possible to Joey(joey, the lil one inside the front pocket of the mother). We had so much fun u know. For non-animal lover like myself, I kind of liking it.

Maybe the weather and it does not make me sweat and a good exercise to walk around the park. Plus the scenery oh just awesome.

We were at Lone Pine till 2pm. We planned to head to DFO but my sisters was just too hungry and I badly need to get some stuffs that need to be picked up at Carindale Mall nearby Abang Ju's house by 4pm. So, we headed to the first shopping mall trip in Brisbane. The trip supposed to be a quick one, coz Ian badly need a lunch and I by all means need to hunt for the vacuma nd blower dust bag coz the one my MIL's used was bought in Oz so it doesnt have any spare dust bag being sell in KL.

So, once we r in the mall, we headed direct to the food court. Had all greek seafood fiesta with fish and chips and lots of calamari with generous serving of salads plus coke. Wow, its been a while that i walloped a soda drink and it tasted good. My son was again sleeping, so I am ok to free surfing the mall. So, got myself what I wanted and accidentally bought 3 shirts at one of the shops there. Ahaks. Got myself lost looking for Hot Wheel car for Efi in Target since one of his car missing in action and it creates enuff fiasco all afternoon.

Nope, I did not get a chance to go to Myers and David Jones even. The mall closed at 4pm. So 2 hrs stop, with so many things to reach, mmg tak cukup ok. One last stop, a perfume shop. Selling all Elizabeth Arden Perfume 30ml at only AUD11. Bought 2 5th Avenue perfume and the 100ml Sunflower at only AUD15. Can u believe myluck. Macam classic lah kan bau dier, some people say like oldies or what but I just like it. Plus, its dirt cheap, oldies or not, I am one lucky fella. My sisters also bought at least 3 each i guess and my dad has been complaining that we the girls could not get enuff of buying things. Now I wonder whether he is talking about him or what coz obviously he also borong-ed quite a lot.

Sempat grab some soft cookies at MrsFields and bought clearance shirts at Millers. Ader few tunics yg lawa and i just grab it la since it has my size and very comel. We got back in speedy way coz the Asar prayer almost to its end and Carindale doesnt provide any prayer room. We just stay in door and that evening had a few shot at the basket ball court with my BIL and sisters. Saja je practicing some skills and helped Nazif's mum prepared the dish coz we are going to storm a nasi dagang for breakfast the next day. Yum Yum!

Cut short to Day 5. Its damn cold. I think it was 8-10degree kot. I could not afford to go out so we stay indoor for a while and had a good nasi dagang brekkie over hot tea. Then, the moment I was waiting, to hijack the markets. The morning weekly market. The largest in Brisbane happened to be 5 minutes drive to Abang Ju's house nearby Sleeman Sports Centre. Its a very huge place.

It has all little knick knacks to satisfy all the cravings. I went ballistic. I bought scrapbooking kit(still in plastic wrap to date), some fancy papers for few dollars only. Then my sisters bought tonnes of books for only 50cents each. Efi got himself sugar high by hitting the cupcakes stores. Geram tgk all fresh veggies and fruits. And my dad has the biggest regret, there's a bally shoes going for only AUD5 and he is contemplating about it. When he decides to have it, the shoes already sold. To heal his broken heart, he got few brass ware for the home at only aud2 each. Cantik sgt. He also got few belts all pure leather. Ian got a 4 pcs tea set for AUD3.

My TOP pick of the day is my naritake set. Yes u got it right. It is still in the box. 6 dinner plate, 12 soup bowl, pepper and salt canistor, creamer and sugar bowl, 6 side plate, 6 small saucer and ok side back 5 piece of cup and saucer. One piece mmg dah pecah. U wont believe my luck. The prices enuff said it just VERY VERY CHEAP and its peanut compared to what I need to pay if I were to buy it in KL. Contemplating is the game, what if it breaks and what nod keep on playing but end up "ok, i will take it". (Post Brisbane: upon arrival 4 side plate and 1 soup bowl was broken. Sedih but seeing how much I paid for it, I think it heals faster than I tot. Beli corelle pun lagi mahal ok. Cukupla if i said that to compare how cheap I paid for the whole thing.)

Wow, after I paid for my biggest purchase, I could not help but smiling ears to ears. Called my dearest hubby and told him about him, he is also estatic. well, I keep on strolling while waiting for the generous lady to repack everything for me. Got a few more small cooking utensils. got a salt and pepper grinder for only aud3 and carton character socks for efi at 5 pairs for only aud5. Cantik banget. And few more small lil pieces.

We headed back home all happy and smiling. Had our zuhur prayer and headed to the city. We are going to have Beriyani's at one of abang jue's colleagues. His wife cook a scrumptious lunch and efi ate a lot. Myself also had a full 2 serving. Wow. Must burn all the calories. After the lunch we have approximately 2 hrs before Asar and head to Myers Centre in the city. Myers Centre has rows of souvenirs shops. And it was way cheap than the one in Gold Coast, damn. So more souvenirs and not forgetting I finally get myself the handmade sheep skin one for my house. It is not even 100dollars. I am happy. We bought tonnes of choc at Darrell Lee and Nazif got a last minutes deal at Canterbury shop. Stroll along the mall and snapped more pictures and we called it the day.

Back at the house we spend the evening appreaciting the nature again. We also starts packing up our stuffs. All bags full to the brim. we have additional 2 big bags and also 4 boxes all together.

The next day, final day has arrived. it was kind of sad. It is still many things to do and many things to see. Efi also has been adjusting well with all unknown faces and place and I have not visited DFO and other place. Aghh!! Damn Royal Brunei for stealing my 1 day. Daarnn. Well but good things sometimes must come to the end. We leave the house around 11. Very sad. Get checked in and prayed for zohor. I finished up all my small change over Tim Tam at the airport and almost bought a ferragamo handbag just to heal my broken hearted. But i try to be wise, more to come hopefully after brisbane. by 1PM, we board the airplane and kiss goodbye to Brisbane.

Overall, I love Brisbane but i definitely will love Sydney more for the shopping bargain kot. ! So, its a reason for my hubby to still bring me to sydney. You are not going to escape Oz ok sayang, even I've been to Brisbane ok. Its not complete without it yet!

I would like to express my deepest thanx to my daddy for taking care of myself and efi and also to my adik-adik, Iman(the niece) and BIL for taking care of Efi while I went berserk shopping. And to Tok Ma, Nazif's mum for cooking delicious meals and obviously to Abang Ju and Kak Aisyah for the kind hospitality. If rezeki permit, I dun mind going again one day perhaps.

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